Electro Pneumatic Positioner

The Positioner, mounted on a pneumatic actuator, moves the actuator by accepting DC 4~20mA signs from a controller. Additionally, the function of identifying and restoring the actuator dislodging gives precise positioning because of DC 4~20mA signs.

Pneumatic positioners are utilized with rotary air actuators to precisely position control valves utilized in throttling applications. Kimax positioners offer quick and precise control of ball valves, butterfly valves and other sort valves. Best suitable for use with Kimax double acting or single acting air actuated valves, just as most different brands using the standard Namur mount.


• Rotation 90º clockwise or counterclockwise.
• Economical energy saving.
• Convenient for the transform of positive action and counteraction.
• The linking of the air duct is perforated form, convenient for the linking in all directions.


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Stock No Series Suitable for Solenoid Valve Voltage
KIMEPP KP Electro Pneumatic Positioner 4-20mA
KIMEPP-PTM KP Electro Pneumatic Positioner with transmitter 4-20mA