Pneumatic actuator double acting stainless steel

The stainless steel pneumatic actuator series is a great solution for your heavy-duty automation needs. With a durable stainless steel body and manufactured to NAMUR standards and the option to add a solenoid valve, this actuator will continue to perform under time and pressure.

There are 4×4 standard groovess and M6 inward screwed openings inside which makes it adaptable for installing of accessories and sensors. Implanted pieces with various colors gives a clear view. The stainless steel inserted piece is for establishment of proximity sensor.


• It can be used in an acidic environment.
• SS Pneumatic Actuators are the best choice for Offshore applications.
• It is best suitable where there is a high corrosive/hazardous environment.
• It has a body of stainless steel.


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Stock No. Series Torque at 6 bar
DA85-SS PASS 100
DA110-SS PASS 217
DA125-SS PASS 349
DA140-SS PASS 438
DA160-SS PASS 714