Pneumatic Butterfly Valve-Wafer Style-PN16-Single Acting

Our series of BFWPN16PS Seat linear stretching out on to the contact faces guarantees perfect sealing and takes out the need to isolate flange gaskets. Valve disc made of stainless steel/malleable cast iron which empowers assurance against water sled or pressure surges.


• Available in the body of material of CI, DI, SS304 and SS316.
• A truly line size body bone to ensure maximum flow capacity with the lowest pressure drop.
• Narrow land disc ensures perfect sealing with the least operating torque requirements.
• For detailed dimensional drawing and datasheet please consult the factory.


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Stock No.  Series Valve Size (Inch) Max Pressure Body Material Seat Material
 SINGLE ACTING – Air Pressure required for Pneumatic action – ***Min. 5 Bar
BFWPN16PS 1  1/2″ BFWPN16PS 1  1/2″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 2″ BFWPN16PS 2″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 2  1/2″ BFWPN16PS 2  1/2″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 3″ BFWPN16PS 3″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 4″ BFWPN16PS 4″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 5″ BFWPN16PS 5″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 6″ BFWPN16PS 6″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 8″ BFWPN16PS 8″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
BFWPN16PS 10″ BFWPN16PS 10″ PN16* CI** NBR*1
  • *  If high pressure is required, contact factory.
  • *** If available Pneumatic Air Pressure is less than 5 bar, please consult factory. As the actuator model will change.
  • *NBR can be used upto 80°C, for higher temperature, contact factory.  
  • If higher size is required, contact factory.
  • Price- For bulk order, contact factory.