Pneumatic Ball Valve-3 way (T-Port or L-Port) Screwed End- Single Acting

Kimax Pneumatic 3- way ball valve with screwed end- Single-acting is designed with an insert pin between the stem and the ball to make sure the ball will not be leaning after hundreds of operation. We assure to deliver our products in a committed time frame.


• The top installation hole in the actuator conforms with VDI/VDE3845 which is available for installation of locator or limit switch box.
• The bottom installation hole conforms with ISO5211/DIN3337 which is convenient for installation of valve, manually operated mechanism or support.
• Air Pilot Pressure Required: 80-120 PSI (5.5-8.3 Bar).
• Ball Valve Temperature Rating: 0 to 356º F (-18 to 180º C)
• Actuator Temperature Rating: 0 to +180º F (-18 to 82º C)


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Stock No. Series Valve Size (Inch) Max Pressure (PSI) Ball Material Seal Materal
SINGLE ACTING – Air Pressure required for Pneumatic action – ***Min. 5 Bar
BVSPS3W1/2″ BVSPS3W 1/2″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 3/4″ BVSPS3W 3/4″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 1″ BVSPS3W 1″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 1.1/4″ BVSPS3W 1.1/4″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 1.5″ BVSPS3W 1.5″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 2″ BVSPS3W 2″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 2.5″ BVSPS3W 2.5″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 3″ BVSPS3W 3″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPS3W 4″ BVSPS3W 4″ 1000* SS PTFE**
  • *  If high pressure is required, contact factory.
  • **  PTFE can be used for temp. up to 180°C, for higher pressure, contact factory.
  • *** If available Pneumatic Air Pressure is less than 5 bar, please consult factory. As the actuator model will change.
  • If higher size is required, contact factory. 
  • Price- For bulk order, contact factory.