Double acting pneumatic cylinder

What is a Pneumatic Actuator?

Pneumatic actuator also known as Pneumatic Cylinder or air actuator is used to convert energy of compressed air or gas into mechanical motion.

They are particularly suitable for the continued opening and shutting off valves in industries where usage of electricity might cause a hazardous ignition or fire. In process & Chemical industries, for directing the transfer of fluids, Actuators are usually used.

A Pneumatic actuator comprises of a piston, Cylinder, and valves or ports that can convert energy into linear or rotary mechanical movements, subject to if the application is utilizing a pneumatic rotary actuator or a linear actuator. Linear actuators are appropriate for fitting to angle seat control valves worked for high temperature, though the pneumatic rotational actuators are more qualified for fitting to quarter-turn valves relying upon the detail of the application. Kimax is manufacturer of Double acting Pneumatic Cylinder. 

Pneumatic cylinder working principle

A pneumatic actuator is placed on top of a control valve and opens and shut off the valve. It comes in two structures namely Diaphragm and piston operated. Pneumatic actuators produce working energy through the utilization of compressed air. The instrument air develops the power, which is applied against the piston or diaphragm. The utilization of air to control this movement reduces to two components. Because of this, it can be easily compressed and also absorbed. Thus, conversion of compressed air into kinetic energy, is easily controlled to such level, pneumatic actuators are well known devices across all the mechanical projects and industries.

Types of Pneumatic Actuator

  • Spring Type Pneumatic Actuator or Diaphragm style Pneumatic Actuator – It needs compressed air in order to push the diaphragm against a plate which is gone against by a spring. At the point when the pressing factor is diminished, the spring will withdraw the diaphragm. By differing the pressure, position is accomplished. This sort of actuator could be either “fail-open” or “fail-closed” at the moment gas pressure gets lost with the spring, which makes the actuator return to the rest position.
  • Piston Style Pneumatic Actuator – This type of pneumatic actuator uses a cylinder inside a chamber. When force is applied on one side of the piston, it creates movement of the piston. Double acting piston style Pneumatic actuator have gaseous pressure implied on both sides of the piston whereas single acting piston style pneumatic actuator has a spring on one side balance strain to the opposite side. The straight or liner motion of the piston can be utilized straightforwardly for linear motion actuation or it tends to be changed to rotary motion by utilizing the rack and pinion.  Bigger cylinders are equipped for applying more force.
  • Rotary Vane style pneumatic actuator – This type of pneumatic actuator works same as the piston style pneumatic actuator with two compressed cylinders. Rather than a chamber structure factor, the lodging is molded like a pie wedge.  A paddle with a yield shaft isolates the two chambers. Shifting the differential across the paddle moves the paddle and yield shaft appropriately through its 90 degrees of movement.

Double actuating cylinder

Double actuating cylinders are usually used when the machine requires more  than one movement in order to move the load in two ways or two directions. Opposite to spring return pneumatic cylinder, double acting cylinders can expand and withdraw without the need of a spring. Rather than applying compressed air into one port, double acting cylinders have two ports for the air to enter and exit. Air enters in one of the port pushing the cylinder ahead and afterward applies compressed air into the other port withdrawing the piston back into the cylinder. Double acting pneumatic cylinders are usually used in the industries like earth moving equipment, space programs, opening and shutting the entryways etc. This makes Double acting Pneumatic cylinder more useful than spring return pneumatic actuator as it could extend and withdraw within a short lapse of time. Kimax is Double actuating Cylinder Manufacturer & Supplier. 

Kimax Pneumatic Double acting Actuator

Our series of KCQDA for adjustable type 90° rotation pneumatic air actuator is suitable for ball valve, butterfly valve, or damper actuating. Double-acting actuators have air or fluid provided to the two sides of the cylinder with one side at higher pressure, which accomplishes the movement required to activate the valve. We are Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer & Suppliers in India.

Features of Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

• Double pistons driven, rack and gear transmission with impact structure, symmetry assembling position, quick action, and the rotation direction of output shaft can be changed simply by piston reversion. Angular travel output:0°~90°.
• The Cylinder body adopts an extruded aluminum alloy cylinder body with anode oxidation surface treatment which largely improves the hardness and corrosion resistance.
• The internal surface of the cylinder has gone through fine honing treatment which brings low friction coefficient and long service life.
• Output shaft: high quality bearing with good reliability and leak tightness with low friction coefficient is adopted which has wide temperature application range and long service life


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Stock No. Series *Torque at 6 Bar Description **Square Size (mm)
KCQ32DA KCQDA 8 Double Acting Air Actuator DA32 9
KCQ40DA KCQDA 15 Double Acting Air Actuator DA40 11
KCQ50DA KCQDA 23 Double Acting Air Actuator DA50 11
KCQ65DA KCQDA 47 Double Acting Air Actuator DA65 14
KCQ75DA KCQDA 73 Double Acting Air Actuator DA75 14
KCQ85DA KCQDA 100 Double Acting Air Actuator DA85 17
KCQ95DA KCQDA 151 Double Acting Air Actuator DA95 17
KCQ110DA KCQDA 217 Double Acting Air Actuator DA110 22
KCQ125DA KCQDA 349 Double Acting Air Actuator DA125 22
KCQ140DA KCQDA 438 Double Acting Air Actuator DA140 27
KCQ160DA KCQDA 714 Double Acting Air Actuator DA160 27
KCQ190DA KCQDA 1175 Double Acting Air Actuator DA190 36
KCQ210DA KCQDA 1476 Double Acting Air Actuator DA210 36
KCQ250DA KCQDA 2397 Double Acting Air Actuator DA250 46
KCQ280DA KCQDA 3007 Double Acting Air Actuator DA280 46
KCQ300DA KCQDA 4218 Double Acting Air Actuator DA300 46
KCQ350DA KCQDA 6206 Double Acting Air Actuator DA350 46
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