Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves are utilized to electrically guide air actuated ball valves and butterfly valves. These solenoid valves can be utilized with either spring return or double-acting actuators.


• Valve spool adding anti-friction seal to improve the stability
movement to increase the lifetime.
• For our manufacturing process we use imported HNBR to
reduce friction.
• We use German high standard special grease which provides film
in order to reduce friction.
• We use Taiwan high precise injection mold and seals die, to
enhance precision and stability.

Stock No. Series Description
K3V-110-06 KSV AC220 V
K3V-210-08 KSV AC220 V
K3V-310-10 KSV AC220 V
K3V-410-15 KSV AC220 V
K4V-110-06 KSV AC220 V
K4V-120-06 KSV AC220 V
K4V-210-08 KSV AC220 V
K4V-220-08 KSV AC220 V
K4V-310-10 KSV AC220 V
K4V-320-10 KSV AC220 V
K4V-410-15 KSV AC220 V
K4V-420-15 KSV AC220 V
K4V-130-06 KSV AC220 V
K4V-230-08 KSV AC220 V
K4V-330-10 KSV AC220 V
K4V-430-15 KSV AC220 V