Pneumatic Ball Valve-3 way(T-Port or L-Port) Flanged End-Single Acting

Kimax is a brand you can trust. All of our products are readily available in stock. Introducing Kimax series of BVFPS3W for 3- way pneumatic ball valve, with flange end Single acting. Single-acting actuators require a pneumatic pilot sign to change the valve position, springs will restore the valve to the ordinary safeguard position.


• Actuators are Featured with bi-directional pinion travel stop. Giving ±5 degrees to stroke adjustment.
• Actuators have Optional seal material, surface finish treatment NBR, Viton, Silicon, Epoxy or electric-plated surface.
• SINGLE ACTING Air Pressure required for Pneumatic action – ***Min. 5 Bar.
• Lowest price available in the market.
• Available in a varied range of size (Please check the table) If a higher size is required, please contact us.


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Stock No.  Series Valve Size (Inch) Max Pressure Rating* Ball Material Seal Materal
SINGLE ACTING Air Pressure required for Pneumatic action – ***Min. 5 Bar
BVFPS3W 1/2″ BVFPS3W 1/2″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 3/4″ BVFPS3W 3/4″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 1″ BVFPS3W 1″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 1.1/4″ BVFPS3W 1.1/4″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 1.5″ BVFPS3W 1.5″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 2″ BVFPS3W 2″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 2.5″ BVFPS3W 2.5″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 3″ BVFPS3W 3″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPS3W 4″ BVFPS3W 4″ 150# SS PTFE**
  • *  If higher pressure rating is required, contact factory.
  • **  PTFE can be used for temp. up to 180°C, for higher pressure, contact factory.
  • *** If available Pneumatic Air Pressure is less than 5 bar, please consult factory. As the actuator model will change.
  • Size- If higher size is required, contact factory. 
  • Price- For bulk order, contact factory.