Filter, Regulator & Lubricator

Filter, Regulator, and lubricator are combined into one component in FRL in order to keep the air compressor systems in a proper working environment. Pneumatic transmitter, controllers and related hardware can only work effectively when furnished with an air supply which is dust-,oil-and dampness free.

The supply air station is basically made out of one air filter, one pressure reducer and one pressure check. The air filter can be provided as a separate unit, as can likewise the pressure reducer with gauge. The ambient temperature is 5~60℃(Standard), -20~120℃ (High Temp.), -40~70℃ (Low Temp.)


• Superior regulation characteristics.
• Rugged and corrosion-resistant construction.
• Excellent stability and repeatability.
• Self-Relieving.
• Low drop at high flow.


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Stock No. Series Description Size
KFRS  – 1/4″ KFRL Filter & Regulator-Single body design 1/4″
KFRLS- 1/4″ KFRL Filter, Regulator & Lubricator-Double body design 1/4″
KFRA- 1/4″ KFRL Filter & Regulator in Aluminium-Single body design 1/4″