Pneumatic Actuated Ball valve- Double Acting (3 Piece Screwed End)

Kimax Controls is the Brand of Pneumatic Actuator Operated Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier in India. We are also a Top Pneumatic Valve Dealers and traders in Delhi. In order to provide a suitable solution to various industrial applications, We have introduced a Pneumatic actuated Ball Valve- Double acting  Cylinder for 3 piece design ( 2 Way Valve) with Screwed End. Double acting pneumatic Cylinder uses pneumatic force to open the valve and air pressure for closing the valve. We manufacture a wide range of Ball Valve for Water, Gas, Air & Oil Applications. We make Our Pneumatic Ball Valve in ½” to 4” with the end connection Screwed End and Flanged End, thus a complete solution for Industry and our Clients/Users.
Features of Pneumatic air Actuated Ball Valve – Double Acting Cylinder.

• Full circular passages.
• Air pressure required for Pneumatic action- 5 Bar.
• Material of the ball is SS.
• Maximum Air pressure will be 1000. If high pressure is required, contact us.
• The Cylinder body adopts an extruded aluminum alloy cylinder body with anode oxidation surface treatment.


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Stock No.  Series Valve Size (Inch) Max Pressure (PSI) Ball Material Seal Materal
    DOUBLE ACTING – Air Pressure required for Pneumatic action – ***Min. 5 Bar
BVSPD 1/2″ BVSPD 1/2″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 3/4″ BVSPD 3/4″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 1″ BVSPD 1″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 1.1/4″ BVSPD 1.1/4″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 1.5″ BVSPD 1.5″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 2″ BVSPD 2″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 2.5″ BVSPD 2.5″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 3″ BVSPD 3″ 1000* SS PTFE**
BVSPD 4″ BVSPD 4″ 1000* SS PTFE**
  • *  If high pressure is required, contact factory.
  • **  PTFE can be used for temp. up to 180°C, for higher temperature, contact factory.
  • *** If available Pneumatic Air Pressure is less than 5 bar, please consult factory. As the actuator model will change.
  • If higher size is required, contact factory. 
  • Price- For bulk order, contact factory.