Valve limit Switch/Namur

Valve monitors (limit switch boxes) are rotary position gadgets utilized for both local and remote signs of valve position. Its indicators are commonly mounted to the highest point of standard pneumatic rotator actuators utilizing the standard Namur VDI/VDE-3845 mounting pad.

For storing the limit switch, certain precautions need to be taken.

  1. Make sure the flameproof surface have no paint and scratch.
  2. Make sure the limit switch box is totally dry and water free.
  3. Maintain the passageways of cable by fitting the original or substitution plastic plugs.
  4. Protect from residue, earth and harm by pressing in box or plastic sack.


• Multi-view visual valve position marker.
• It has double Limit switches for remote valve position affirmation.
• All Kimax limit switches are Weatherproof Type 4, 4X, and IP67 development/Explosion-proof and Polyester powder covered aluminum housing.
• Universal mounting bracket is included in our Limit Switch.

Learn more about our Limit Switch In-built Pneumatic actuator.

Stock No. Series Description
Limit Switches for Pneumatic Actuated Valves
KAPL-210 210 Pneumatic Actuator Limit Switch
KAPL-310 310 Pneumatic Actuator Limit Switch
KAPL-210 EX 210 Pneumatic Actuator Limit Switch Explosion Proof