Manifold for Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valve manifold is like a solenoid valve in that it controls the progression of fluids or gasses. This item varies in that the manifold connects different solenoid valves together in a valve bank.


• Size of solenoid valve manifold varies from 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2″.
• Other type is available in 5-holes, 6-holes, 8-holes.
• It is used for the control of flow liquids and gasses in a huge variety of applications.
• It is less expensive than individual solenoid valves and reduce the potential for leaks in the system.


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Stock No. Series No. of Stations Pipe Size Suitable for Solenoid Valve
KM4V110-4 KM 4 1/8″ 4V110-06
KM4V110-6 KM 6 1/8″ 4V110-06
KM4V110-10 KM 10 1/8″ 4V110-06
KM4V210-4 KM 4 1/4″ 4V210-08
KM4V210-6 KM 6 1/4″ 4V210-08
KM4V210-10 KM 10 1/4″ 4V210-08
KM4V310-4 KM 4 3/8″ 4V310-10
KM4V310-6 KM 6 3/8″ 4V310-10
KM4V310-10 KM 10 3/8″ 4V310-10
KM4V410-4 KM 4 1/2″ 4V410-15
KM4V410-6 KM 6 1/2″ 4V410-15
KM4V410-10 KM 10 1/2″ 4V410-15