Pneumatic Air Actuated Ball Valve-3 piece-Flanged End-Double Acting

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• Pressure Rating: 1000 PSI* (69 Bar*) 1/4”-2” sizes, 300 PSI 2-1/2”-3” Vacuum to 29inHg. If higher pressure is required contact us.
• The actuator’s Air connection agrees with VDI/VDE3845NAMUR Regulations and is easy and convenient for the installation of a solenoid valve.
• The ball valve has full circular passages.
• Flange Class: ASME B 16.5
• The product is available in varied sizes ( Please check the table) If a higher size is required, contact the factory.


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Stock No.  Series Valve Size (Inch) Max Pressure Rating* Ball Material Seal Materal
DOUBLE ACTING – Air Pressure required for Pneumatic action – ***Min. 5 Bar
BVFPD 1/2″ BVFPD 1/2″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 3/4″ BVFPD 3/4″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 1″ BVFPD 1″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 1.1/4″ BVFPD 1.1/4″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 1.5″ BVFPD 1.5″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 2″ BVFPD 2″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 2.5″ BVFPD 2.5″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 3″ BVFPD 3″ 150# SS PTFE**
BVFPD 4″ BVFPD 4″ 150# SS PTFE**
  • *  If higher pressure is required, contact factory.
  • **  PTFE can be used for temp. up to 180°C, for higher temperature, contact factory.
  • *** If available Pneumatic Air Pressure is less than 5 bar, please consult factory. As the actuator model will change.
  • If higher size is required, contact factory. 
  • Price- For bulk order, contact factory.