Manual Override

The manual operation of the valve can be realized uniquely by simple switching, for pneumatic butterfly valve & Pneumatic Ball valve. The manual actuator is installed between a pneumatic device and valve, including in simple operation. 2-stage manual override gearbox- The spring resistance will be survived, for the purpose  of driven of huge scale single activity organ by customary manual organisation. It is hard for manual organ structurally, and furthermore it is hard for operators; anyway the newly made pressure plate manual organ can isolate the manual organ from pneumatic organ fundamentally, which is a root arrangement highlighting in basic switching and simple operation.


• The spline output shaft. When pneumatically, the spline sleeve joggles with output shaft of actuator ;when manually, separating from pneumatic organ, and joggles with internal sleeve of worm.
• The large scale pneumatic organ and manual organ can be made according to special requirements of users.
• The large scale pneumatic organ shall be exfactory together with pneumatic actuator and it can be delivered separately.
• Standard screw hole on shell is connected with valve or frame. The internal output shaft is a standard internal octagon.


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Stock No. Series Description Output range Square Size
SD-1 SD Manual override for Pneumatic Actuator DA65, DA75 150 14
SD-2 SD Manual override for Pneumatic Actuator DA85, DA95,DA110 300 17
SD-3 SD Manual override for Pneumatic Actuator DA125, DA140,DA160 800 22/27
SD-4 SD Manual override for Pneumatic Actuator DA190, DA210 3500 36