Solar Based Actuator

Actuators in Solar Application

Traditionally, the utilization of solar power in industrial applications goes back several decades by way of hydraulics and similar mechanisms; however, because of the technological advancement in solar power efficiency, it has become a practical, dependable alternative for many isolated locations. More often, industrial electric actuators are now making their way not only for highly powered industries but also for Consumer goods. 

Mechanism of Solar Actuator

The solar actuator works by changing over an electric engine’s rotational movement into straight movement, enabling a machine to move in different ways, and push and pull. In mechanical applications, that capacity to move is crucial.

Solar Energy in Valve-Actuation

With the uptick in solar panel technology lately, solar actuators are proving up being a magnificent method to supply development for solar tracking. The solar energy is produced through the use of photovoltaic solar panels. These panels are situated outside so as to retain direct daylight in the ideal position.

They are installed within the solar rack mechanism; solar actuators are helpful in improving the efficiency of solar panel system by tilting the panels to follow the orbit of the sun.

Introduced inside the sun oriented rack instrument, electric straight actuators can help improve the effectiveness of the sun based board framework by tilting the boards to follow the circle of the sun.

Solar Based Actuator

Kimax Solar Based Actuator

To provide actuation in remote areas where supply of electricity is difficult, we have developed a solar based actuator which runs on solar and wind energy. This actuator comes up with a Solar panel, control box & a battery (for backup power).

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