Limit Switch In-Built Pneumatic Actuator

What is Pneumatic Actuator and how it works?

Pneumatic actuators use pressurized air or gas to convert energy into rotary or linear motion. Pneumatic actuators are exceptionally reliable, effective and safe sources of motion control. They’re particularly appropriate for the continued opening and shutting off valves and other applications where the utilization of power may cause fire or any other hazard. Actuators are regularly used to control the valves that direct movement of liquids in the chemical industries.

Why Limit Switch is used with Pneumatic Actuator?

The purpose of a Pneumatic actuator is to open or shut off the valves and other industrial applications, where the use of excessive power may leads to fire explosion. In short, Actuators are regularly used to control the valves that direct the development of liquids. The only problem is Pneumatic Actuators fails to give the feedback. There is need to use the Limit switch with Pneumatic Actuator. The major purpose of using Limit Switch with Pneumatic actuator is to give feedback i.e if the actuator is open or close. Failing to which may cause an explosion.

Separate Limit Switch V/s Limit Switch In-built Pneumatic Actuator

As limit switch is needed for controlling machinery, as a safety interlock. Industries usually buy a separate Limit Switch.

Drawbacks of using a separate Limit Switch

  • More Space– Installing Limit switch over the top of Pneumatic actuator, will increase the height, resulting in more consumption of space.
  • Increased Cost– Purchasing a separate limit Switch will increase the cost of buying a separate limit switch as well as installation charges.

Kimax Limit Switch In-Built Pneumatic Actuator

Advantages over traditional Limit Switch Box

  • It has the Smallest size available in the market.
  • The only patented design that could reduce cost and also save energy.
  • By reed switch to achieve the function like built-in limit switch. That saves more than 30% space and reduce the cost to purchase an extra limit switch.
  • Graduated indicator- Easy to adjust or judge position with graduated indicator.
  • Reliable piston design – The new design of anti-blowout flat key ensures the stability and
    reliability of the piston movement.
  • BIDIRECTIONAL stroke adjustment- Featuring with bi-directional pinion travel stop.
    Giving ±7 degree to stroke adjustment.
  • High quality springs- Springs are made in compliance with JIS G3522 SWP-B, the same material as Japanese piano wires and coated with Epoxy coating for long service time.

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