Intelligent Type Actuator

“Any sufficiently innovation in technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

For a long time Kimax has been innovating for the future and designing reliable, adaptable, and powerful valve actuators and control frameworks. Proceeding with our ethos of evolving design, we have developed Intelligent type actuators.

Intelligent Type Actuator

GX & EM series are intelligent non-intrusive electric actuators. These are intelligent control products that have integrated a lot of newest auto control technologies, e.g., absolute encoder, programmable micro-control unit, IR remote control, LED display and magnetic control switch, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Intelligent Electric Actuator

Features of Smart and Intelligent Actuators​

  • Easily use and easily maintain.
  • Through the 30000 times life-test.
  • Unique handwheel and motor structure design, to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  • Non-intrusive setting- local/remote control available.
  • Support 4-20mA input/output signal.
  • Smart setting.
  • On -Off and Modulating both type is available.
  • Torque 50 – 10000 Nm. (10000> also available)

Major Parameter of Smart Actuators

Power SupplySingle-phase: AC 110V/127V/220V ± 10% (frequency 50HZ, 60HZ)Three-phase: AC 380V/400V/415V/660V ± 10% (frequency 50HZ, 60HZ)
Environment Temp.-20℃~ +60℃
Relative humidity≤95% (+25℃ )
Atmosphere pressure80kPa~106kPa
IP GradeIP65/IP67 (IP68 for special type)
Working systemMotor uses the working duty of 10 minutes’ duty (30 minutes for special), class F insulationModulating frequency of 1200 times per hour
Regulating signalInput: DC 4-20mA; Output: DC 4-20mA
Basic error≤3%
Travel repetitive error≤1% (Intelligent)
Ex-markExd Ⅰ Mb and Exd[ib] Ⅰ Mb, applicable to the non-mining working face of coal mining shafts.Exdib Ⅱ BT4 and Exdib Ⅱ CT4, applicable to the hazardous areas of zone 1 and zone 2 with explosive flammable gas of Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B and Ⅱ C, temperature class of T1-T4.
Work environmentNo strong vibration or shock, no corrosive gas that can damage metals or insulation materials.

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